STEDI Quad Pro Driving Light Cover


From $20

STEDI Quad Pro Driving Light Cover

The renowned black covers have undergone a cutting-edge upgrade, focusing on enhancing the tactile experience. Similar to the 3D primary lens, these covers draw inspiration from shadows, resulting in a sharper, more distinct edge, which adds to the visual allure, resembling a captivating light symphony on its sleek piano black surface.

Designed exclusively for our QUAD Pro Series LED Spot Lights, these covers offer the perfect solution for your customization needs. Whether you're seeking a replacement for the included STENCIL print or craving the playful SMILEY cover, your search ends here!

Available in the following styles:

✅SMILEY Blackout Cover
✅Stencil Outline Cover
✅Clear Flood Cover
✅Amber Cover
✅Clear Cover

Please Note: These covers are specifically designed to fit the STEDI Quad Pro Driving Lights ONLY


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