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Fabulous Fabrications 4" Mid Entry Stainless Snorkel Suitable For Holden Colorado 7/Trailblazer


From $900

Click and Collect, and Installation is available at ✅ NSW (2166) and ✅ QLD (4106)

Fabulous Fabrications 4" Stainless Mid Entry Snorkel for the Holden Colorado 7/Trailblazer

✅4" Stainless Mid Entry Steel Snorkel
✅All required fittings and fixtures, Including Custom Intake pipe
✅Comprehensive fitting guides 
✅3mm Laser cut cap end

Features 🤩

⭐️ Hand Crafted in house
⭐️ Made from the finest 316 Stainless Steel 
⭐️ Purge welded for longevity 
⭐️ Comes with 3mm Laser cut endcap

🗒 All items are designed, fabricated and tested at Fabulous Fabrications HQ


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