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Navigating its chiseled path, the powerhouse Xplora R/T produces a herculean off-road experience with a delicate balance of road manners, offering rugged consumers the optimum balance of vigorous durability off-road, diminished noise on-road, and incredible styling no matter where you adventure.

Key Features

  • ADVANCED DESIGN - Technologically advanced computer modeling for optimised tread pitch variation, perfectly placed tread sipes, and tread block alignment greatly reduce noise, providing a more civilised, comfortable, smooth, quiet ride.

  • STONE EJECTION - Stone ejectors prevent stone retention causing premature wear and failure, ensuring long life of tyre by preventing premature wear.

  • ENHANCED TREAD DESIGN - Enhanced tread compound protects tyre from chips/cuts/rocks/other debris, ensuring long life of tyre by preventing early failure due to off-road use.

  • OFF ROAD TRACTION - Open shoulder grooves keep tyre self-cleaning, evacuating water/mud/dirt/off-road debris, and providing confident traction in any condition.

  • HIGH SPEED STABILITY - Linear centre tread blocks enhance on-road straight line stability for excellent and more predictable handling with easy ride comfort.

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