STEDI Bull Bar Tube Mounting Brackets - Larger Sizes


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STEDI Bull Bar Tube Mounting Brackets - Larger Sizes 

Introducing the STEDI Tube Clamp Bull Bar Brackets, the ideal solution for securely mounting UHF antennas and LED lights on bull bars lacking built-in tabs. Crafted from cast aluminium with stainless steel fasteners, these brackets boast a robust yet lightweight design. To ensure long-lasting aesthetics, a polyester UV-stable powder coat is applied, minimising fading over time.

Enjoy unparalleled adjustability with the ability to mount light bars on the top or flip them upside down, suspended from the tube. The tube clamps offer maximum flexibility, allowing you to angle your lights from any position, giving you complete control over your illumination setup. With STEDI Tube Clamp Bull Bar Brackets, you can confidently achieve a stable and customised mounting platform for your lighting needs.

Additionally, our Tube Clamps provide versatile compatibility, allowing you to mount a wide range of STEDI LED Work lights. Whether it's the compact 10W Mini or the powerful 60W Mining Spec, our Tube Clamps can handle them all. Now you can easily and securely attach various work lights to suit your specific needs and preferences.


✅2 x Bull Bar Tube Mounting Brackets (in selected size)

Available Sizes: 

✅40mm - 45mm
✅48mm - 53mm
✅60mm - 65mm
✅76mm - 81mm


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