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STEDI HEX Bull Bar Tube Mounting Brackets


From $65

STEDI HEX Bull Bar Tube Mounting Brackets 

Introducing the HEX Bull Bar Tube Mounting Bracket, the perfect solution for effortlessly mounting LED lights onto your vehicle's nudge bar. This innovative design offers a non-intrusive clamp mechanism, discreetly concealing the securing nuts and bolts for a clean and seamless appearance.

Enhancing the security of your LED light setup, the attached tube clamp ensures that your mounted light is virtually impervious to being snatched or tampered with. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your lights are securely and stylishly mounted with the HEX Bull Bar Tube Mounting Bracket.

Included (For All Size Option) : 

✅2 x Hex Aluminium Bull Bar Bracket
✅2 x Rubber Inserts
✅8 x M6 Torx Bolts
✅2 x M8 18mm Hex Head Bolt
✅2 x M8 15mm Pan Head Bolt
✅2 x M8 20mm Pan Head Bolt
✅2 x M8 Washer 
✅Security Torx L Wrench

Available Sizes: 

✅40mm - 45mm
✅48mm - 53mm
✅60mm - 66mm
✅75mm - 77mm


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