STEDI Vice Bull Bar Tube Clamps - Large Size


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STEDI Vice Bull Bar Tube Clamps - Large Size

Introducing the STEDI Vice Clamp Bull Bar Brackets, designed to meet a wide range of versatile applications for side-mounted and select lower-mounted LED light bars. Crafted from cast aluminium with stainless steel fasteners, these brackets boast a remarkable balance of strength and lightweight construction. Additionally, a UV-stable polyester powder coat ensures fade resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting durability.

With the Vice Clamp Bull Bar Brackets, you gain the flexibility to rotate them on the bar and achieve a 360° rotation of your LED light bar, revolutionising your mounting options. As highlighted in our product video, you can easily adjust the clamps to any angle while maintaining the light's forward-facing position, offering a visually impressive and practical mounting solution.

Key Features: 

✅Moulded from Cast Aluminium
✅Stainless Steel Fasteners included
✅Compatible with most side mounted LED Light Bars
✅Polyester UV Stable Powder Coated
✅4mm set screw eliminates the possibility of slip.
✅Rubber inserts also included

Included (For All Size Option) : 

✅2 x Vice Bull Bar Aluminium Universal Light Mount Brackets
✅4 x Rubber Inserts
✅2 x M8 Set Screws
✅2 x M6 Set Screws
✅2 x Grub Screws
✅4 x Stainless 6mm Bolts
✅2 x Allen Wrenches

Available Sizes: 

✅44.5mm - 48mm
✅49mm - 51mm
✅60mm - 63.5mm
✅75mm - 77mm


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