STEDI ST3K Series Light Bar Covers


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STEDI ST3K Series Light Bar Covers 

In Australia, the use of more than four forward-facing auxiliary lights on a vehicle can lead to non-compliance with ADR regulations. To address this, you can cover any extra lights with blackout covers while driving on public roads, so they are considered inactive and not counted toward the total.

By incorporating our newly designed amber filter covers, your lights' output will shift from 5700k to a warmer 2500k. This modification enhances visibility in conditions like dust, haze, and fog, while also reducing eye fatigue.

Available Sizes: 

✅ST3K 7.5 Inch
✅ST3K 11.5 Inch
✅ST3K 21.5 Inch
✅ST3K 31.5 Inch
✅ST3K 41.5 Inch
✅ST3K 51.5 Inch

Available Sizes: 

✅Translucent Amber Cover
✅STEDI Logo Black Out Cover


✅x1 STEDI ST3K LED Light Bar Cover


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