STEDI Type-X 8.5 Inch Spare Light Cover


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STEDI Type-X 8.5 Inch Spare Light Cover

The renowned black covers have undergone a cutting-edge upgrade, focusing on enhancing the tactile experience. Similar to the 3D primary lens, these covers draw inspiration from shadows, resulting in a sharper, more distinct edge, which adds to the visual allure, resembling a captivating light symphony on its sleek piano black surface.

Perfectly compatible with both our STEDI Type-X Pro 8.5 Inch LED Driving Lights and Type-X Sport 8.5 Inch LED Driving Lights, these covers offer a wide range of options to suit your preferences. Whether you're in the mood for a STENCIL print or simply looking to add a playful SMILEY cover, your search ends here!

Available in the following styles:

✅SMILEY Blackout Cover
✅STEDI Outline Blackout Cover
✅Transparent Blue Cover
✅Transparent Green Cover
✅Transparent Yellow Cover
✅Clear Cover
✅Blood Splatter Cover
✅Carbon Print Cover
✅Flood Cover
✅Snow Camouflage Cover
✅Stencil Outline Cover
✅STEDI Type-X 8.5” Mask Sticker
✅STEDI Type-X 8.5” Santa Sticker

Please Note: These covers are specifically designed to fit the STEDI TYPE X: Pro, Sport, and V1 8.5 inch LED Spot Light ONLY


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