STEDI Type-X EVO Colour Fascia


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STEDI Type-X EVO Colour Fascia

When observing the silhouette and bezel depth of the TYPE-X™ EVO, you'll notice its resemblance to modern vehicle grilles, with a metallic edge and sleek angular transitions forming the foundation of our design. The new TYPE-X™ EVO colour fascias are inspired by contemporary shaped LED lighting.

Upon unboxing your TYPE-X™ EVO, you'll find the signature STEDI orange and silver fascia included. However, knowing our customers' passion for customization, we've carried forward the trend from TYPE-X™ PRO to our latest driving light, offering a selection of stunning metallic finished fascias. Choose from an array of colours, including grey, red, green, pink, orange, and blue metallic finishes, with more exciting options on the horizon.

The classic design of TYPE-X™ EVO seamlessly blends with a timeless fitment approach. Embracing simplicity, our new solution requires no tools or screws. Instead, it introduces a user-friendly snap-fit system that ensures easy and hassle-free installation. Say farewell to screws and welcome the convenience of our innovative snap-fit solution.


✅x1 Type-X Evo Colour Fascia 

Available in the following Colours:

✅Carbon Fibre Fascia
✅Red Fascia
✅Orange Fascia
✅Soft Pink Fascia
✅Blue Fascia
✅Green Fascia
✅Graphite Grey Fascia


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