STEDI Type-X Sport+ V1 7 Inch Light Cover


From $9.99

STEDI Type-X Sport+ V1 7 Inch Light Cover 

Introducing an exciting array of custom colours and styles, now you have the freedom to personalise your set of Type X Spot lights. In addition to the standard clear or black replacements, we offer perennial favourites like the cheerful smiley cover and a selection of tinted filters.

These tinted filter covers are designed to modify the light output, optimising it for specific driving environments. Below, we'll walk you through the unique characteristics of each filter, helping you choose the optimum one to use in various driving conditions you may come across.

Available in the following styles:

✅Transparent Amber Cover
✅Clear Flood Cover
✅SMILEY Blackout Cover
✅STEDI Stencil Blackout Cover
✅STEDI Outline Blackout Cover
✅Clear/Transparent Cover
✅STEDI Type-X 7” Santa Sticker

Please Note: These covers are specifically designed to fit the STEDI TYPE X Sport 7 Inch Lights ONLY


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