STEDI ST4K Double Row 28 Inch LED Light Bar


STEDI ST4K Double Row 28 Inch LED Light Bar 

Built upon the esteemed lineage of the STEDI TYPE X, renowned for its exceptional performance in Driving Lights, the STEDI ST4K emerges as a formidable contender. Boasting an impressive array of 40 x OSRAM's® OSLON® LEDs, the ST4K 28 Inch LED Light Bar confidently establishes itself as the ultimate all-purpose lighting solution for any given scenario.

The ST4K 28 Inch LED Light Bar harnesses the combined advantages of spot and flood reflector distributions, resulting in an astonishing 755m reach. The flood beam extends 55m on each side of the vehicle, providing an impressive and broad illumination.


✅1x STEDI ST4K Double Row 28” 52 LED Oslon Light Bar
✅2x Brushed Stainless Steel Side Brackets
✅2x Adjustable Sliding Brackets
✅Easy-Fit High Beam Wiring Kit HB3 & H4 Piggyback Included
✅Cable Ties
✅Wiring Instructions



Length45 cm
Width25 cm
Height25 cm
Weight4 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories