STEDI Light Bar Brackets to suit ARB Base Rack


STEDI Light Bar Brackets to suit ARB Base Rack

Introducing our innovative light bar bracket, meticulously crafted to deliver a sleek and non-destructive DIY installation, saving you time and effort.

Unlike the OE mounting solution, our STEDI bracket is compatible with light bars up to 41.5". Specifically designed to perfectly mount your ST3301 Pro 41 Inch 28 LED Light Bar, ST-X 40.5 Inch 16 LED Light Bar, and ST3K 41.5 Inch 40 LED Slim Light Bar.

Not only does our Light Bar Bracket offer a seamless look, but it also features a convenient tie-down point for securing any cargo loaded onto the Base Rack, adding extra utility to your setup. Experience the ease and versatility of our Light Bar Bracket, elevating your lighting and cargo-hauling capabilities.


✅2 x Light Bar Brackets to suit ARB Base Rack (1 x LHS Bracket, 1 x RHS Bracket);
✅4 x M8x20mm Bolt;
✅4 x M8 Nyloc Nut
✅8 x M8 Flat Washer

Compatible with the following STEDI Light Bars;

✅ST3301 Pro 41 Inch (28 LED) Light Bar
✅ST-X 40.5 Inch (16 LED) Light Bar
✅ST3K 41.5 Inch (40 LED) Slim LED Light Bar



Length49 cm
Width49 cm
Height25 cm
Weight5 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories