STEDI Rally Bar to suit Ford Ranger PX2/PX3, Raptor & Everest


STEDI Rally Bar to suit Ford Ranger PX2/PX3, Raptor & Everest 

Introducing our simple bracket designed for your Ford Ranger, Everest, or Raptor. It's the ideal solution for mounting driving lights while preserving your vehicle's original look. No modifications are needed for installation, and it's significantly lighter than a nudge bar or bull bar.

The STEDI Rally Bar perfectly complements our 60-66mm Hex Brackets. The Hex design reduces excessive mounting equipment, and when paired with the Rally Bar, it offers the perfect setup for your desired light combination. Rest assured, the STEDI Rally Bar complies with all relevant ADR regulations for added safety and peace of mind. Illuminate your adventures with confidence, knowing that your light setup is both stylish and compliant.


✅1 x LHS Vertical Support
✅1 x RHS Vertical Support
✅1 x Lower Radiator Support Bracket
✅1 x Upper Boomerang Support Bracket
✅1 x LHS Projection bracket
✅1 x RHS Projection bracket
✅1 x 60mm Rally bar tube
✅4 x M8 Hex Head 20mm Bolts
✅14 x M8 Allen Head 20mm Bolts
✅4 x M6 Allen Head 18mm Bolts
✅36 x M8 Flat Washers
✅18 x M8 Nyloc Nuts
✅4 x M6 Nyloc Nuts



Length49 cm
Width49 cm
Height25 cm
Weight5 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories