STEDI Replacement Lens for ST3K Light Bars


From $10

STEDI Replacement Lens for ST3K Light Bars

Introducing our Replacement Lens, specifically designed to perfectly fit STEDI ST3K Light Bars. This lens offers a seamless and straightforward solution to replace the existing lens on your light bars.

With our Replacement Lens, you can easily restore the clarity and performance of your STEDI ST3K Light Bars. Say goodbye to worries about compatibility, as our lens is crafted to fit your specific light bars precisely.

Available to suit the following sizes: 

✅ST3K 7.5 Inch 
✅ST3K 11 Inch 
✅ST3K 21.5 Inch 
✅ST3K 31.5 Inch 
✅ST3K 41.5 Inch 
✅ST3K 51.5 Inch 


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