STEDI Type-X Brackets


From $25

STEDI Type-X Brackets 

Introducing our custom-designed bracket, tailored to perfectly suit STEDI Type-X Driving Lights. This bracket ensures a seamless and secure mounting solution for your Type-X driving lights.

With our specialised bracket, you can easily and confidently install your STEDI Type-X driving lights, optimising their performance for all your lighting needs. Say goodbye to worries about compatibility, as our bracket is precisely engineered to match the Type-X model, providing you with a hassle-free and reliable setup.

Compatible with the following:

✅Type-X Pro Bracket Only
✅Type-X Sport 8.5” Bracket Only
✅Type-X Sport 7” Bracket Only
✅Type-X 8.5” Bracket Only
✅Type-X (Older Style) Sport 7” Bracket Only

Please Note: STEDI Type-X Driving Light Brackets are sold individually.


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