STEDI Roof Light Wiring Concealer


STEDI Roof Light Wiring Concealer

Designed for the meticulous vehicle owners, the STEDI Wire Concealer is the perfect final touch to achieve a truly professional wiring finish in your setup.

With our user-friendly plug & play clip-in system, installing our wiring concealer has never been simpler. Just align it along your windshield channel or chosen location, clip in your STEDI Wiring harness, and you're finished.

Crafted to endure rugged off-road conditions, our wire concealer is purpose-built to surpass all challenges, even though we don't recommend testing it against a kitchen sink. This concealer is meant to last and withstand whatever comes its way.


✅1x STEDI Windshield Cable Channel (1200mm)

Applicable with: 

✅Windshield Channel
✅Roof Rack Channel
✅In Cab
✅Anywhere you’d like a clean and professional wiring solution



Length49 cm
Width49 cm
Height25 cm
Weight2 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories