STEDI LED Work Light Wiring Loom Harness 


STEDI LED Work Light Wiring Loom Harness  

⚠️Please Note: This item is NOT high beam triggered. ⚠️

STEDI presents a Ready-to-Use Wiring Kit for LED Work Lights or camp lights.

This kit incorporates all the essentials for seamless light connection. A simple press of the ON/OFF switch activates the lights. The included relay boasts a 40A rating, enabling you to utilise a single wiring kit to link multiple light bars to the same wiring loom.

Featuring a total of 4.8 metres of wiring (full stretched out): 

✅2.8m of cabling from Relay to Switch
✅2.0m of cabling from light connectors to Relay
✅12vDC 30A Rated Fuse Kit
✅12vDC 60A Switching Relay
✅ON/OFF Switch
✅UV Rated Insulation


✅1x 12 Volt Work Light Wiring Loom
✅Waterproof Dime Switch



Length10 cm
Width10 cm
Height10 cm
Weight1 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories