Dash Offroad Bash Plates to suit Nissan Y62 Patrol


Dash Offroad Bash Plates to suit Nissan Y62 Patrol 

When venturing into the rugged Australian bush, keeping your vehicles underbody protected is one of your main priorities. Dash Offroad’s 4-Piece Bash Plate has been designed to specifically protect your underbody from rocks, stumps and other off-road hazards. 👌

Features & Benefits:

✅The genius 4-Piece design allows maximum protection for your Radiator, Sump, Transfer case & Transmission
✅Access to oil filter through cover plate, & Cut-Out access to the Sump Plug 
✅Constructed from 3mm Manganese Steel - Which is known for being 5 times stronger than mild steel!!!
✅Engineered with light weight design in-mind 

Product Specs:

✅Total Weight: 28kg
✅Product Finish: Matte Black 

📃Fitting Instructions 



Length79 cm
Width89 cm
Height13 cm
Weight34 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories