Offroad Animal Predator Bullbar suitable for Ram 1500 DT 2021 on


$3350 $2850

Let’s be honest, the Ram 1500 DT is already a pretty aggressive looking vehicle, why not make it meaner with the Offroad Animal Predator Bullbar 🐏 🦍


✅Looks (unleash the beast)
✅Light weight 
✅Sleek design 
✅Better Airflow
✅Easy and effortless fitment of bar and winch
✅Winch can be conveniently fitted after bar is fitted 
✅Winch mounts feet down
✅Can have LED light bar (up to 22" LED single row)  
✅Cover plate included for customers who do not want to run LED Light bar
✅Can have LED light bar fitted into optional top stealth hoop. 
✅Stout recovery points included
✅Solid steel bash plate included
✅Only adds 75mm to front of vehicle over standard bumper


ADR compliant
✅Airbag compatible 
✅Compatible with all safety driving tech
✅Bumper replacement
✅Optional top hoop- Stealth hoop which takes up to a 32" LED Light Bar  single row
✅Welded one piece bar with welded wing 
✅Zinc plated then powder coated Matte black|
✅Hi lift jacking points included
✅Suits most low mount winches including Warn Zeon and Warn  7485 kg winch 
✅Works with Parking sensors
✅We suggest these Offroad Animal Fog lights 
✅Number plate flip included
✅Can be colour coded to vehicle (Please note, this will incur an additional cost $850 and takes 8-12 weeks)
✅20mm Steel tow hooks included as standard
✅3mm Steel bash plate included as standard

🎁Included in box🎁

  • 1 x Front bar weldment
  • 1 x LH chassis impact bracket
  • 1 x RH chassis impact bracket
  • 1 x Mesh fairlead mount
  • 1 x Mesh infill LH
  • 1 x Mesh infill RH
  • 1 x Light cover Mesh LH
  • 1 x Light cover Mesh RH
  • 1 x Fog lamp bracket LH
  • 1 x Fog lamp bracket RH
  • 1 x Centre bash plate
  • 1 x Secondary bash plate
  • 1 x Under wing panel LH
  • 1 x Under wing panel RH
  • 1 x Chassis bracket gusset LH
  • 1 x Chassis bracket gusset RH
  • 2 x Winch cradle supports
  • 1 x Centre pan support
  • 1 x Number plate flip
  • All required nuts and bolts 

This Offroad Bullbar Suits:

Laramie and Limited Ram DT

While the bumper takes most single row led light bars (we suggest the Offroad Animal 32" LED light bar)

Stealth top hoop has the same arrangement for led light bars but fits up to a 32" single row Light bar, fitting most single row light bars, but we suggest the Offroad Animal 32" LED light bar.  Please note this top stealth hoop will partially block the forward facing camera if equipped on vehicle 

⚠️ Please note, fitment is still to be confirmed to the diesel option ⚠️ 

⏳Install time: 4-5 hours

👨‍🔧Install difficulty: 4/10

🗒Fitting instructions 



Length54 cm
Width212 cm
Height82 cm
Weight71 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories