ROCKARMOR GT Bumper suitable for Mazda BT50 08/2020 Onwards 


ROCKARMOR GT Bumper suitable for Mazda BT50 08/2020 Onwards  

Engineered right here in Sydney, Australia, Rockarmor's dedicated design and engineering squad spared no effort, ensuring that the GT bumper would meet the needs of true 4x4 enthusiasts. This bumper seamlessly combines impressive visual appeal with meticulous intricacies, promising to capture the attention of like-minded automotive enthusiasts. Rockarmor's skilled engineers have expertly integrated a wide array of vital features, elevating the driving experience for all BT50 owners, regardless of the terrain or obstacles they encounter.

Benefits & Features

✅Designed in Sydney Australia 
✅Airbag Compatible
✅Dual Slotted Mounting points for Antenna - Passenger & Drivers Side
✅ADR Compliant (Australian Design Rules)
✅LED Driving Light Mounting points 
✅Included Bash Plates & Fog Lights 
✅E-Coated with Matte Black Powder Coated Finish 
✅Included Recovery points - Rated to 5 Tonne & Soft Shackle Friendly!!
✅High Approach Angles 
✅Hi-Lift Jack Points 
✅Built-In Winch Cradle
✅12 Month Manufacturer Warranty 
✅Factory Sensor Compatible

This ROCKARMOR GT Bumper is compatible with the following Mazda BT50 Models:

  • 08/2020 Onwards XT Cab Chassis Single/Freestyle Cab
  • 08/2020 Onwards XT Pick Up/Dual Cab
  • 08/2020 Onwards XS Pick Up/Dual Cab 
  • 08/2020 Onwards XTR Pick Up/Dual Cab
  • 08/2020 Onwards XTR LE Pick Up/Dual Cab
  • 08/2020 Onwards SP/GT Pick Up/Dual Cab
  • 08/2020 Onwards Thunder Pick Up/Dual Cab

⚠️Please Note: If you have factory coil springs, Rated coil springs will be required for fitting⚠️



Length197 cm
Width80 cm
Height60 cm
Weight70 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories