SuperPro Front Lower Alloy Control Arm Kit to suit Nissan X-Trail T30


Front Lower Alloy Control Arm Kit to suit Nissan X-Trail T30

This SuperPro Alloy Front Lower Control Arm Kit is more stiff and less likely to bend when being compared to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Steel Control Arms, as they maintain static wheel alignment settings even under the challenging circumstances. Being built for accuracy and best performance, these SuperPro Alloy Control Arms provide drivers with better defined steering, allowing the driver to have more confidence as well as increasing the overall safety of the vehicle. 

These SuperPro Control Arms are the perfect choice for a standard replacement of factory control arms, as they give your suspension an upgrade by eliminating the undesirable movement to better sustain the steering geometry and alignment throughout all terrain. 

SuperPro Alloy Control Arm Assemblies distribute more caster and camber while eliminating any unwanted flex. These control arms are fitted with SuperPro’s own DuroBall Rear Bushings to ensure maximum support and improvements in handling and vehicle alignments. 


✅ Lifetime Warranty
✅ Included Bushings Kit by SuperPro to reduce the amount of arm movement
✅ Manufactured with high strength, corrosion and stress resistant forged aluminium
✅ Enhances your vehicles performance and handling 
✅ Significant reduction in arm flex for quicker and more direct steering control 
✅ Upgraded Control Arm Design 
✅ Designed to be an effortless replacement 
✅ Tested, designed and manufactured in Australia
✅ Fitted with SuperPro DuroBall rear bushings to ensure max support and improvements in handling and alignments.


✅ Front Lower Alloy Control Arm Kit 
✅ SuperPro DuroBall Rear Bushings 

This SuperPro Front Lower Alloy Control Arm is Suitable for Nissan X-Trail T30. 

⚠️SuperPro strongly advises that both control arms be replaced together to maintain correct suspension geometry and prevent alignment issues ⚠️

ℹ️ Want to find out more about this SuperPro Control Arm? Watch the video below 👇🎬


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