SuperPro Front Fixed Offset Control Arm Kit to suit Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series & Lexus LX570


Front Fixed Offset Control Arm Kit to suit Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series & Lexus LX570

SuperPro 4x4 Control Arms are designed, tested and produced in Australia, to guarantee the highest quality development with locally sourced reliable materials. 

Upgrade your 4x4 with this SuperPro Fixed Front Upper Control Arms! Achieve correct wheel alignment, extra clearance and articulation by installing a stronger control arm, designed for harsh Aussie conditions. 

This SuperPro Fixed Offset Upper Control arm is a complete solution for vehicles of a lift between 40mm (1.5”) and 65mm (2.5”). This kit supplies an increase of 2.5 & 3.5 degrees of caster, and up to 1 degree increase of negative camber, as well as additional clearance to the coil over strut, and more articulation of the arm. (Please note, these figures are based off a 50mm lift)


✅ Lifetime Warranty
✅ Increases your 4WD’s Performance & Handling 
✅ Designed to resolve wheel alignment issues when lifting your 4x4
✅ Manufactured w/ high quality steel for increased longevity and strength
✅ Fixed Offset Alignment Correction Arms 
✅ Significant increase clearance between control arms and springs at full articulation 
✅ Built-In camber and caster change to suit your lifted 4x4
✅ Control Arms are fitted with heavy duty ball joints and SuperPro bushings to reduce arm flex


✅ Heavy Duty Ball Joints 
✅ Front Fixed Offset Upper Control Arms (Pair)
✅ SuperPro bushings kit 

This SuperPro Fixed Front Offset Upper Control Arm is suitable for Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series & Lexus LX570, and is the perfect addition to any 200 Series Lift Kit 👌

⚠️SuperPro strongly advises that both control arms be replaced together to maintain correct suspension geometry and prevent alignment issues ⚠️

⚠️ When increasing the lift of a vehicle, the suspension geometry is permanently altered, which can cause alignment issues. When installing a lift kit, a control arm must also be installed to prevent alignment issues. ⚠️

ℹ️ Want to find out more about this SuperPro Control Arm? Watch the video below 👇🎬



Length59.5 cm
Width43.5 cm
Height15.5 cm
Weight8 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories