Dobinsons Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 2007 Diff Drop


The DD59-530K LC200 differential drop kit is required for elevating IFS vehicles by more than 2.0 inches. This kit repositions the front side of the differential carrier to address the driveline CV angles, diminishing wear on the CV angles.

Compatibility with factory and/or aftermarket skid plates may vary, as the differential housing is lowered. Although the kit includes skid plate spacers, some individuals opt not to reattach the skid plate after the differential drop.

The DD59-530K Diff Drop Kit comes equipped with all the required installation hardware. 

✅Keeps CV angles at a good working angle
✅Allows for lifts over 2.0″
✅Includes all necessary hardware, including machined spacers and nuts/bolts
✅Compliments Dobinsons 2″+ lifts for IFS Toyota vehicles

CODE: DD59-530K


Length20 cm
Width12 cm
Height16 cm
Weight2 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories