Manta Performance Exhaust 3” No Cat with Muffler DPF to suit Toyota LandCruiser VDJ79 Series


Manta Performance Exhaust 3” No Cat with Muffler DPF to suit Toyota LandCruiser VDJ79 Series 

Manta Exhaust Systems revolutionise the world of high-performance exhausts. Impeccably crafted and designed for optimal performance, these systems unleash hidden power while delivering a distinctive and captivating sound. Built with top-quality materials for durability and offering customization options, Manta Exhaust Systems are the ultimate choice for those seeking an unparalleled driving experience. Elevate your vehicle's performance with Manta and redefine what it means to push the limits of power and style.


✅Enhanced fuel efficiency and engine power 
✅Significantly reduce harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons
✅Constructed from mild steel and coated inside and out with aluminium coating for protection against corrosion
✅Mandrel bent pipework allows the diameter of the pipe to stay consistent throughout each bend, to maintain the best possible flow rate
✅Manta offer a wide variety of exhaust system designs to suit your specific needs and wants
✅Made with 1.6mm thick pipe to increase durability 
✅Designed to easily bolt onto the factory system, making installation 
✅Manta offer a 100% fitment guarantee

Manta Specifications

System Type: Turbo Back without Cats
Material: Aluminised Steel
Pipe Sizes: 3 inch Single
Noise Level: Quiet
Configuration: Turbo Back without Cats


Manta Performance offers a 2 year warranty on all Aluminised Steel Exhaust kits and components, and a 10 year warranty on all Stainless Steel Exhaust kits and components. To find out more information about Manta’s warranty policy, Click here

⚠️Please Note: Lead time 5-7 business days ⚠️



Length130 cm
Width40 cm
Height30 cm
Weight24 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories