EGR Full Set Bolt Style Fender Flares to suit Ford Ranger WildTrak PX3 2018-2022 models


$895 $888.50

EGR Fender Flares boast an unbeatable combination of top-notch design and quality, and deliver an exceptional finish every time. These fender flares are designed and manufactured in Australia, using cutting-edge CAD technology to create a custom-fit for the Ford WildTrak model. They are constructed from vacuum-formed, UV-stabilised ABS plastic, and are robotically trimmed and painted to match OEM standards.

The installation of EGR Fender Flares is easy and hassle-free, as they are engineered to fit seamlessly using existing vehicle attachment points and specially designed hardware, without the need for drilling. This ensures a perfect fit that covers wide tires and protects the bodywork without causing any damage to the vehicle.

If your vehicle is equipped with a bumper sensor, there's no need to worry, as EGR Fender Flares integrate with sensors, ensuring they won't be covered or impede their functionality.

Offering a range of excellent finish options and secure, no-drill fitment, EGR Fender Flares are the ideal accessory for your ute.


Benefits & Features

✅EGR Fender Flares are custom-designed to fit perfectly on your Ford WildTrak
✅Designed and manufactured right here in Australia 
✅All EGR Fender Flares are integrated with your sensors, ensuring no interference
✅EGR Bolt-on Style flares require no additional drilling
✅Available in ultra matte black or a range of colour coded options that suit your vehicle

📃Fitting Instructions - Front Flares

📃Fitting Instructions - Rear Flares 

Installation Time - 3 hours



Length176 cm
Width72 cm
Height17 cm
Weight7 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories