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EGR Hard Lid suitable for Mazda BT-50 2011-2019 Models


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EGR Hard Lid suitable for Mazda BT-50 2011-2019 Models

EGR Hard Lids are sturdy covers designed specifically for utes. They are made from durable materials such as aluminium or reinforced polymer to provide excellent protection for your ute bed. These lids feature strong locks to ensure the security of your belongings. They are user-friendly, allowing for easy opening and closing thanks to their twin gas-strut design. EGR Hard Lids come in various finishes, adding a stylish touch to your ute. Overall, EGR Hard Lids are reliable, secure, and enhance the functionality of your ute.

Benefits & Features

✅Quick release hinge pin system allows for quick and effortless removal of the lid
✅Available in 1 piece or 3 piece options to accommodate for Sports bar vehicles
✅Remote central locking available for selected vehicles as an additional extra
✅Constructed from tough light-weight ABS/Polycarbonate materials for lasting durability
✅Central push lock & slam latches for added security
✅Available in a range of OEM colours or unpainted smooth finishes to suit your vehicle
✅Sturdy and secure

📃Fitting Instructions - 1 Piece
📃Fitting Instructions - 3 Piece

Installation Time - 2.5 hours (1 Piece)
Installation Time - 3 hours (3 Piece)

⚠️Please Note: 3 Piece Hard Lids are ONLY required if your vehicle is fitted with a Sports Bar⚠️


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