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EGR Load Shields to suit Ford Next Gen Ranger MY22 Models


EGR Load Shields to suit Ford Next Gen Ranger MY22 Models

Introducing the EGR Load Shield, our toughest accessory yet! This tray cover is made from strong, lightweight aluminium extrusion with a five-bar checker plate centre. It provides reliable security for your truck bed at an affordable price.

With a weight rating of 100kg, this tray cover accommodates various racking options, fulfilling all your ute needs. Get the ultimate tough look with the EGR Load Shield, offering durability, functionality, and a rugged aesthetic.

Benefits & Features

✅Strong and lightweight aluminium extrusion 
✅Racking systems compatible with a range of accessories. Can have additional racking options up to 100 kgs of weight capacity
✅Load Shield is securely locked with a key, and cannot be opened while tailgate is closed 
✅A push button is conveniently located on the side for an easy release opening
✅Large opening allows for a range of items to be placed into your tray

📃Fitting Instructions 

Installation Time - 2 hours



Length170 cm
Width170 cm
Height17 cm
Weight30 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories