Safari ARMAX Snorkel to suit Volkswagen Amarok 2016 Onwards

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Safari ARMAX Snorkel to suit Volkswagen Amarok 2016 Onwards 

The SS1410HP Safari ARMAX Snorkel for Volkswagen Amarok Models has been designed to deliver large amounts of the cleanest air possible into the air cleaners of the Amarok TDi550 engines. 

With the high demand for sufficient airflow in the Volkswagen Amarok 3.0L V6 TDi550 motors, Safari made the decision to create a raised air intake system which lowers the chances of ingesting harmful elements to the vehicles factory air cleaner. 

The Safari Snorkel body and Air Ram used in this Volkswagen Amarok kit have been manufactured from UV-20 Resistant Polyethylene, and are rated to withstand temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, to ensure top quality and maximum lifetime on your vehicle.

Benefits and Features😍

✅Australian made and designed
✅Up to 50% increased air intake
✅Manufactured from UV-20 Resistant Polyethylene
✅Raised Air-intake to prevent ingesting harmful elements
✅Rated to withstand temperatures exceeding 100 degrees
✅Air Ram acts as a highly efficient water filter to remove water from incoming air 
✅Durable and Sleek Design 

This Safari Snorkel ARMAX Kit (SS1410HP) is only suitable for Volkswagen Amarok 3.0L V6 (TDi550) 

⚠️Please Note: This Safari Snorkel only suits vehicles with factory flares⚠️

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Length50 cm
Width100 cm
Height40 cm
Weight9 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories