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Ultimate 9 evcX Throttle Controllers X171


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Ultimate 9 evcX Throttle Controllers X171

Ultimate 9 evcX throttle controllers are advanced electronic devices designed to improve the responsiveness and overall performance of a vehicle's throttle. The evcX controller utilises advanced technology to enhance the signal sent from the accelerator pedal to the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU), resulting in faster throttle response and improved acceleration.

These throttle controllers are fully adjustable and allow the driver to customise the throttle response to their personal driving style. With a quick and easy installation process, the evcX can be mounted in any vehicle with an electronic throttle control system. The device can also be easily removed when required.

The Ultimate 9 EVC X throttle controllers are designed with safety in mind and will not affect the vehicle's warranty or emissions compliance. With its customizable settings, wireless control abilities, easy installation, and safety features, the EVC X offers a significant improvement in throttle response and acceleration, making it a must-have upgrade for any driving enthusiast.

Benefits & Features 😍

✅Effortless and easy plug-and-play Installation 
✅evcX Throttle Controllers feature a bluetooth design which allows the drive to connect and be controlled
wirelessly through the Ultimate 9 TC app
✅Fresh new design featuring USB points on either side of the drive for more mounting options
✅Ultimate9 evcX throttle controllers feature a memory function that saves the drivers preferred settings  
✅evcX throttle controller feature 8-Driving modes, 32 tuning modes and the highly anticipated locking mode
✅Improved throttle responses with adjusted throttle sensitivity
✅Better towing performance 
✅More comprehensive screen display with a self-dimming feature 
✅Improved fuel efficiency 
✅Compatible with all types of electronic throttle systems
✅Can be used without affecting your vehicle's warranty or emissions compliance
✅Ultimate 9 offers a lifetime warranty on all throttle controllers
✅Features a locking mode which disables all throttle input from the accelerator and immobilising your vehicle, adding extra protection for your vehicle. 

📃Ultimate 9 EVC Throttle Controller Quick Start Guide

This Ultimate 9 evcX throttle controller is suitable for the below makes & models:

Make of Vehicle Model/s
ToyotaAurion (2006-2012 XV40)
Auris (2018 Onwards E210)
Axio (2006-2013 E140)
Axio (2012-2019 E160)
Avanza (2015 Onwards)
Avensis (2009-2018 T250)
Alphard (2008-2015 AH20 2nd Gen)
Alphard (2015 Onwards AH30 3rd Gen) 
Auris (2012-2019 E180)
Atlis (2006 Onwards)
Agya (2017 Onwards)
Blade (2006-2012 E150)
Belta (2006-2016)
Corolla (2006-2013 E140/E150)
Corolla (2013-2019 E170/E180)
Camry (2006-2012 XV40)
Camry (2017 Onwards XV70)
C-HR (2018 Onwards)
Crown (2008-2012 S200)
Crown (2018 Onwards S220)
Estima (2006 onwards XR50)
Fielder (2012-2019 E160)
Harrier (2013 Onwards)
Highlander (2007-2013 2nd Gen XU40)
Highlander (2013-2019 3rd Gen XU50)
Highlander (2019 Onwards 4th Gen XU70)
Land Cruiser 200 Series (2007-2021)
Land Cruiser 70 Series VDJ76/78/79 (09/2009 On)
Mark X (2009-2019 X130)
Matrix (2009-2014 E140)
Noah (2014 Onwards R80)
Prius (2016 Onwards XW50)
Prado (2009 Onwards J150)
Rav4 (2012-2018 XA40)
Rush (2006-2016 J200/F700)
Rush (2017 Onwards F800)
Rukus (2007-2015)
Raize (2021 Onwards)
Sienna (2010 Onwards XL30)
Sienta (2015 Onwards XP170)
Sequqia (2008-2022 2nd Gen XK60)
Sequqia (2022 Onwards 3rd Gen XK80)
Tarago (2006 Onwards XR50) 
Tundra (2003-2006 XK30/XK40)
Urban Cruiser (2007-2016 XP110)
Verso (2009-2018)
Vellfire (2015 Onwards 3rd gen AH30)
Vellfire (2008-2015 2nd gen AH20)
Vios (2007-2013 XP90)
Vios (2013 Onwards XP150)
Vitz (2005-2011 XP90)
Vitz (2011 Onwards XP130)
Wish (2009-2017 AE20)
Yaris (2005-2013 XP90)
Yaris (2011 Onwards XP130)
4Runner (2009 Onwards N280) 
Daihatsu Ayla (2017 Onwards)
HiJet Truck (2014 onwards S500/S510)
Rocky (2021 Onwards A200)
Sigra (2016 Onwards)
Terrios (2006-2016 J200/F700)
Terrios (2017 Onwards F800)
Xenia (2015 Onwards) 
Isuzu D-Max (2012-2019 2nd Gen)
D-Max (2020 Onwards 3rd Gen)
MU-X (2012-2019 1st Gen)
MU-X (2020 Onwards 2nd Gen)
Lexus ES240 (2006-2009)
ES250 (2012 Onwards)
GX400 (2012 Onwards)
LM (2019 Onwards)
LX570 (2008 Onwards)
RX (2015 Onwards AL20)
RX270 (2012 Onwards)
ES300H (2012 Onwards)
ES350 (2012 Onwards)
GS430(2011 Onwards)
GS250 (2011 Onwards 4th Gen)
GS350 (2011 Onwards GRL10)
IS250 (2006 Onwards)
LS460 (2007 Onwards)
NX Series (2012 Onwards)
RX (2008-2015 AL10)
GX460 (2010 Onwards)
IS220 (2005 Onwards)
IS350 (2005 Onwards)
RX350 (2014 Onwards)
GX460 (2010 Onwards)
IS220 (2005 Onwards)
IS350 (2005 Onwards)
RC350 (2014 Onwards)
RX300 (2018 Onwards)
RX350 (2010 Onwards)
RX450H (2010 Onwards)
MazdaBT-50 TF (2020 Onwards)
Scion IA (2013 Onwards)
IQ (2012-2015)
TC (2005-2016)
IM (2012 Onwards)
XD (2008-2014

Want to know more about the benefits of Ultimate 9’s evcX Throttle Controllers? Watch the video below🎬👇

CODE: X171


Length15 cm
Width9 cm
Height5.5 cm
Weight0.25 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories