Carbon Offroad 12 Volt Tank 6000 lbs ATV Utility Small 4x4 Winch Kit IP66


Carbon Offroad 12 Volt Tank 6000 lbs ATV Utility Small 4x4 Winch Kit IP66 

This small and compact winch is equipped with an integrated mounting plate, ensuring an effortless installation onto an existing pedestal on a trailer or into a winch location on a compact bar. The inclusion of both wireless and wired remote control, provided at no additional cost, enhances its versatility as a winch setup. It is particularly well-suited for small car and equipment trailers, making it an excellent choice for mounting at the rear of a van to facilitate the loading of heavy equipment. Remarkably, it has even proven effective in loading tinny boats and opening cattle gates on Livestock Truck Trailers. This exceptional winch serves as a highly versatile solution, making tasks more manageable and assisting in the recovery of vehicles like the Jimny or trailers from difficult muddy conditions.

Benefits & Features

✅Mechanical & Dynamic brake offers improved control and can help to prevent rollback
✅Cam action disengages gears for almost silent free spooling 
✅Completely sealed gear train and motor means perfect operation in extreme and tough conditions
✅Permanent magnet motor allows for heavy duty torque to increase pulling power


Part number: CW-TK6
Rated line pull: 6,000 lbs, (2721 kg) single-line
Motor: 12V DC 1.5HP motor
Gear Train: 3 Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio: 166:1
Clutch: Free spooling, Cam activated
Synthetic Rope: 42 ft (13m) x 1/4 in (6.0mm)
Fairlead: Aluminium Hawse
IP Rating: IP66 - Winch and Controls (Except remote switch)
Winch Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.8 x 4.5 x 4.7in (350.5 x 115 x 120mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 3.0 x 6.59in (76mm x 167mm)
Packing Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.7 x 12.1 x 7.28in (500 x 307 x 185mm)

12V DC PERFORMANCE SPECS (first layer of drum)

Line Pull


Line Speed



Current @12V

0 (0) 20.5 (6.2)30 Amps
1000 (454)16.1 (4.9)83 Amps
2000 (907)12.8 (3.9)136 Amps
3000 (1361)10.7 (3.3)168 Amps
4000 (1814)8.6 (2.6)232 Amps
6000 (2721)4.9 (1.5)320 Amps 



Length18.5 cm
Width30 cm
Height50 cm
Weight13 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories