Carbon Offroad Scout Pro 9000 lb Extreme Duty Ultra High Speed Electric 4x4 Winch


Carbon Offroad Scout Pro 9000 lb Extreme Duty Ultra High Speed Electric 4x4 Winch 

The Carbon Offroad Scout Pro Extreme Duty Performance Series winches are designed for users who frequently engage in winching activities and face tough offroad conditions. These winches are ideal for those who own heavy vehicles, have heavily equipped vehicles, or engage in towing in offroad environments.

The Scout Pro series winches utilise the same 2023 Version 2 Winch Chassis as our reliable 12K winch. They can be easily installed in larger 4x4 trucks and wagons. However, due to the longer 7.0HP Motor, it's important to check the technical drawing to ensure proper clearance and fitment length on your winch mount. Typically, wider vehicles like RAM, F-Truck, and Silverado shouldn't encounter any issues. Before making a purchase, it's recommended to confirm fitment for any dual cab, 70 series, 200 series, or similar-sized 4WD wagons. The responsibility for proper installation lies with the end-user or installer.

The 9000lb Carbon Winch comes with a high-density, pre-stretched, premium UHMWPE winch rope measuring 12mm in diameter. It has an impressive minimum breaking strain of 9000kg.

Benefits & Features

✅Carbon Scout Pro 4x4 winches feature larger gear sets and a powerful 7.0 HP motor
✅Suitable for most larger 4x4 vehicles 
✅10mm Synthetic Rope with HD braced rope thimble
✅Improved heavy-duty high-performance solenoid unit
✅Included Carbon Offroad MEGAPRO Winch Hook & Premium CNC Billet multi-position fairlead
✅104:1 Heavy Duty performance gearbox


Part Number: CW-XD15V3-24V

24V DC performance specs (first layer of drum)
Line Pull Lbs.(Kgs.)Line Speed FT./min(M/min.)Motor CurrentPull by layer layer/Lbs(Kgs.)
062.3(19) 80 amps 1/9,000 (4090)
2000 (910) 17.4(5.3) 150 amps 2/7,625 (3,460)
4000 (1810) 15.1(4.6) 220 amps 3/6,460 (2930)
6000 (2720) 13.4(4.1) 280 amps 4/5,480 (2,490)
8000 (3630)11.5(3.5) 350 amps 
9000 (4090)10.5(3.2) 380 amps 



Length26 cm
Width65 cm
Height36 cm
Weight30 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories