Carbon Offroad TANK 12 Volt 20000 lbs 4x4 Winch Kit IP68


Carbon Offroad TANK 12 Volt 20000 lbs 4x4 Winch Kit IP68

Introducing TANK, the new generation of winches from Carbon Offroad. Known for being indestructible, powerful, and lightweight, TANK offers smart options for offroad enthusiasts. It features advanced materials like billet alloys and alloy castings, making it durable and visually appealing. TANK is also fully waterproof, undergoes rigorous testing, and includes essential features like a three-stage gear train and a gear train connected braking system. The control box offers flexible mounting options. Experience the ultimate winch performance with TANK.

Benefits & Features 

✅Despite its powerful performance, TANK is a surprisingly lightweight winch, making it the perfect choice
✅The TANK winches are pressure leak tested to 20 PSI - Which is the same pressure as 14 metres deep!!
✅Features a 4-stage planetary gear train constructed from durable and high-quality materials 
✅Gear train connected braking system helps to prevent heat buildup 

Included in the box

✅x1 TANK Winch w/ Synthetic Rope
✅x1 Control Box KIt Complete w/ Cables 
✅x1 2-in-1 Wireless Remote Control w/ Plug-in Cable Backup
✅x1 Alloy fairlead - Standard Offset 
✅x1 Forged Alloy Hook w/ Mounting Pin and Split Pin
✅x1 Mounting Bolt Kit including separate fairlead mounting bolts
✅x1 Control Box “Over Motor” mounting bracket pair 
✅x1 Bolt Kit for control box mounting 
✅x1 Rotary Battery Isolator Switch 
✅x1 Battery isolator connecting cable 30cm
✅x1 Battery isolator mounting bracket 
✅x1 Hook safety strap 
✅x1 Instructions manual 


Rated Pulling Power: 20,000 lbs (9072 kg)
Power: 12V DC 
Motor: 7.8HP Series Wound intermittent duty cycle
Cabling: 25mm2 conduit cable with terminated lugs
Hand Control: 2 in 1 rechargeable wireless or plug in wired loom -(spare battery included)
IP Rating: IP68 - Motor unit pressure tested to 20psi
Hook: High strength forged alloy wide gate hook
Control box: Premium Cast alloy compact design for over motor or over drum fitment with 600 amp solenoid and
inbuilt wireless receiver. 
Isolator: Heavy duty marine rotary style isolator with mounting bracket
Winch Housing: Cast and precision machined alloy
Gear Train: 440:1 Ratio 4 stage planetary gearset
Clutch: Rotating ring gear clutch - easy engagement and disengagement
Synthetic rope: 21mm of 14mm diameter UHMWPE fibre
Mounting bolt pattern: industry standard 254mm x 114.3mm (10 x 4.5 inch) 
Drum Diameter: 88mm
Battery: 650CCA minimum vehicle battery size for winching. 
Weight as fitted to vehicle: 33.4kg



Length29 cm
Width43 cm
Height64 cm
Weight37 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories