EFS Recon Kinetic Rope 9m - 13000kg Rating 


EFS Recon Kinetic Rope 9m - 13000kg Rating  

The EFS Recon Kinetic ropes, constructed with 30MM nylon 66 material, offer a reliable solution for smoother 4x4 recoveries from challenging terrains such as sand, mud, and snow. With a massive 13000 kg rating and a length of 9 meters, these ropes provide a significant improvement to your recovery process by minimising impact on your vehicle's recovery points and chassis. The 30% stretch capability generates powerful energy that contributes to successful recoveries.

Featuring a protective PU coating, the EFS Recon Kinetic rope is safeguarded against abrasive elements like mud, dirt, UV rays, and sand. The eye of the rope is coated with a thick layer of PU, ensuring maximum protection.

For convenience, the EFS Recon Kinetic rope is accompanied by a breathable carry bag and complies with Australian standards.



Length50 cm
Width22 cm
Height17 cm
Weight4.2 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories