EFS Recon Recovery Ring Kit


EFS Recon Recovery Ring Kit 

The EFS Recon Ring is meticulously crafted to achieve a remarkable balance between lightweight construction and exceptional strength. It empowers you to effectively double the pulling capacity of your winch, providing a reliable solution to extricate yourself from challenging situations. Moreover, the Recon Ring enables offset winching, delivering unparalleled versatility for vehicle recovery. When paired with an EFS Recon Shackle, this high-quality kit becomes an indispensable asset that can be conveniently kept at the ready in your vehicle or glovebox, ensuring you're prepared for any action that may arise.


  • Premium strength Aluminium Alloy Recovery Ring 
  • EFS Soft Shackle
  • High-Quality protective carry bag 



Length18 cm
Width10 cm
Height10 cm
Weight0.65 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories