STEDI Roof Rail Light Bar Mounting Brackets for Holden Colorado (Z71/Sports Cat)


STEDI Roof Rail Light Bar Mounting Brackets for Holden Colorado (Z71/Sports Cat) 

Introducing the STEDI Roof Rail bracket, specially crafted for Holden Colorado Z71 and SportsCat models. This bracket securely holds our ST2K 40.5-inch or ST-X 40.5-inch LED Light bars between the factory roof rails. The best part is, unlike other solutions in the market, installation is entirely drill-free, ensuring a 100% reversible setup.

Compatible with all Colorado models featuring factory roof rails, our Colorado roof mounts are strategically positioned near the windscreen, guaranteeing no glare or wind noise issues. We've optimised the height and depth for a cohesive and proportionate fit, giving your vehicle an aggressive look while maintaining the OEM vibe. Upgrade your Holden Colorado with our precision-engineered roof rail bracket and elevate your lighting game effortlessly.


✅STEDI Roof Brackets to suit Holden Colorado Z71 / SportsCat
✅Mounting Hardware

Compatible Light Bars:

✅ST2K Curved 40.5 Inch Light Bar
✅ST-X 40.5 Inch Light Bar

Additional Extras:

✅ST2K Curved 40.5 Inch (16LED) Super Drive LED Light Bar
✅ST-X 40.5 Inch Light Bar
✅Holden Colorado/Colorado 7/RG/Trailblazer Piggyback Adaptor
✅Push Button Switch - LED Light Bar (2012+ D-Max/Colorado)
✅Push Button Switch - STEDI Logo (2012+ D-Max/Colorado)
✅Dual USB to suit 2012+ D-Max/Colorado
✅Push Button Switch - Reverse Lights (2012+ D-Max/Colorado)
✅Switch Quick Plug & Play Connector

Please Note: 40.5” is the maximum width comparable with factory rails. 



Length49 cm
Width49 cm
Height25 cm
Weight5 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories