Dobinsons (2”/50mm) IFP Monotube Shock (IMS) Lift Kit to suit Ford Next Gen Ranger 2022 Onwards


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Dobinsons (2”/50mm) IFP Monotube Shock (IMS) Lift Kit to suit Ford Next Gen Ranger 2022 Onwards

Dobinsons Monotube IMS Lift Kits are high-quality suspension upgrade kits designed to improve the performance, stability, and off-road capabilities of your Ford Next Gen Ranger. These suspension lift kits are engineered to provide superior handling, increased ground clearance, and improved articulation on rough terrain, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and off-road adventurers. 

The Monotube IMS shock absorbers included in the kit are designed with advanced technology to provide optimal damping, reduce body roll, and increase vehicle stability, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even in challenging conditions. Whether you're looking to upgrade your Next Gen Ranger for off-road adventures or simply want to improve your on-road driving experience, Dobinsons Monotube IMS Lift Kits are an excellent choice.

Benefits & Features 😍

✅Dobinsons Monotube Shocks are specifically designed for Off-Road Use
✅Manufactured from high-quality materials for enhanced Durability 
✅Monotube shock design allows for greater heat dissipation - preventing overheating and ensuring consistent
✅Designed to maintain smooth driving even in the most challenging conditions 
✅Enhanced suspension performance 
✅Increase ground clearance 
✅Increased shock travel 

Ford Next Gen Ranger Lift Kit Components

✅1  x Front Coil Springs
✅2  x Front Shock Absorbers
✅2  x Rear Shock Absorbers
✅2  x Rear Leaf Springs
✅2  x Front Strut Top Cap
✅2  x Front Strut Assembly LAB - ASSEMBLE STRUT
✅1  x Rear Shackle Bush Kit
✅2  x Rear Shackle
✅2  x Rear Pins
✅2 x Rear U-Bolt Kit
✅Head Light Adjuster Bracket

✨Dobinson Lift Kit Warranty Information 
Wanting to find out more information about your Dobinsons Ford Next Gen Ranger Lift Kit’s warranty? Click Here

Once the lift kit has been purchased, someone from our sales team will be in touch to organise our next available installation date. Please allow one business day for your Dobinson lift kit to be completed on the day of your install.

📦Packaging & Shipping✈️
When purchased, this suspension lift kit will be delivered via one of Modkingz's trusted transportation companies. This is an all-inclusive service, designed to ensure extremely fast delivery of your order. Your suspension components will be packaged as securely as possible to make sure your items are protected during transit, we recommend adding freight insurance to your order to cover possible damages. 

 ℹ️ Additional information
Please note, depending on your vehicle requirements you kit may need additional items which may incur an additional cost. If you have any further questions regarding lift kits, we recommend giving us a call on 02 8880 4628 or click here to find out more information.


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