Offroad Animal Tub Rack Base to suit Aussie Utes


Offroad Animal Tub Rack Base to suit Aussie Utes 

The tub on the back of your Ute comes in handy when you need to store things, but sometimes you need the more commonly used accessories a bit more accessible. Maybe you need quicker and easier access to your Max Trax, Hi Lift Jack or shovel? Or maybe you need a suitable mount for your roof top tent? Offroad Animal have come up with a solution for all the above, with their Tub Rack base!!

This Offroad Animal Tub Rack is completely adjustable to be able to fit most Aussie Utes with a tub width of 1435 mm up-to 1650 mm. With the tub rack sitting 270mm above the top of the sides, it’s the perfect solution for minimising wind drag on your roof top tent. 

Benefits & Features 😍

✅Tub-Rack sits 270mm above Ute
✅Able to mount accessories to the sides of the rack (e.g. Hi Lift Jacks, Max Trax Shovels e.t.c)
✅Perfect platform for your roof-top tents 
✅Sleek and Durable design 
✅Zinc plated then powder coated Matte black 
✅Simple bolt together design 
✅Rated to hold 200kg while driving & 400kg while still 


✅x2 Sides (Both Left & Right hand side) 
✅x2 Rear Knuckles (Both Left & Right hand side) 
✅x2 Cross Rails (Front & Rear)
✅x2 Top Rails 
✅x2 Side Accessory rails
✅x2 Front Knuckles (Both Left & Right hand side)
✅All required hardware 

Optional Additions:

✅Max Tracks Roof Rack Mount Brackets
✅Tub Rack Top Extension Kit 
✅Angled Roller Shutter Rails (to suit Mountain Top Brand) Tub Rack Kit 
✅Roller Shutter Rails to suit Flat Base Tub


⏳Installation time: 1-2 Hours 

👨‍🔧Install difficulty: 4/10 

📃Fitting Instructions



Length134 cm
Width38 cm
Height16 cm
Weight30 kg
Added Tyre Added Wheel Added Package Added Accessories