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Size Stud Pattern Alt. Stud Pattern Offset Hub Diameter Taper Load Rating Price
17" x 9" 6/139.7 - -38 110 Conical 1540kg $595$389
17" x 9" 5/127 - -12 71.6 Conical 1540kg $595$389
17" x 9" 6/139.7 - -12 110 Conical 1540kg $595$389
17" x 9" 5/150 - -12 110.1 Conical 1542kg $495$389
17" x 9" 5/150 - -12 110.2 Conical 1540kg $595$389
17" x 9" 6/114.3 - +0 66.1 Conical 1540kg $595$389
17" x 9" 6/139.7 - +0 110 Conical 1540kg $595$389
18" x 9" 6/139.7 - +15 106.2 Conical 1542kg $645$416

Additional information

Discover the rugged beauty of Dirty Life DT-1 Wheels, a perfect blend of style and performance for off-road enthusiasts. As an authorised distributor of Dirty Life Wheels, Modkingz proudly offer the sought after DT-1 series that brings both function and style to your off-road adventures.

Designed to tackle the toughest tracks, DT-1 Wheels are engineered to excel in durability and performance. Available in various beautiful finishes including DT-1 Satin Graphite Black Lip, DT-1 Matte Black, and DT-1 Satin Gold Black Lip, these wheels effortlessly complete the outdoor aesthetics of your vehicle while withstanding the demands of off-road exploration.

The DT-1 series has a dynamic design with attention to detail, including a sturdy construction and intricate spoke patterns that enhance both look and functionality. With a range of sizes and fitments, Dirty Life DT-1 Wheels cater to a wide array of off-road vehicles, making them a versatile choice for enthusiasts seeking optimal performance without compromising style. Explore our collection now to find the perfect fit for your off-road journey.

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